Why Costa Rica Is The Best Holiday Destination


Why Costa Rica Is The Best Holiday Destination

Costa Rica, which means “Rich Coast, ” is a country in Central America and it is officially known as Republic of Costa Rica. The capital city is San Jose, and it is located in the Central Valley Region of Costa Rica. It is a popular holiday destination with so much for tourists to see and admire such as volcanoes, beaches, and immense biodiversity. The primary language spoken is Spanish; however, you can find people speaking English in hotels, car rental companies, tourist agencies and souvenir shops. It is safe to travel to Costa Rica, although you have to be cautious where you place your personal items.

Costa Rica has no real winter season as the sun is ever shining and it rises at 5:45 and sets 5:45 pm throughout the year. It also has no real summer because the rainy season is from ay to November and the other months have little or no rain. The average annual temperature is 21 to 27 degrees Celsius (70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit) from March to May it is too hot while from November to January the weather is much cooler. Activities that you can enjoy while Costa Rica are hiking, rafting, surfing, kayaking, night tours, hot springs, marine tours and much more.

There are both public and private banks in Costa Rica that you can withdraw cash if you want to, however, you can use your debit card or even credit card. The accepted credit cards are Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. The main currency they use is the Costa Rican Colon (CRC), and they exchange rates vary in different countries.

1 CRC=0. 0018 USD

1CRC=0. 0024 CAD

1CRC= 0. 0013 POUND

1CRC= 0. 0016 EURO

Costa Rica has popular historical sites that are amazing and a wonder to see. Some of them are:

  • Arena Volcano
  • National Theater of Costa Rica
  • Poas volcano
  • Chirripo national park
  • Pre-Columbian gold museum
  • Cerro Chirripo

You can relax at the beach if you don’t want to swim or even engage yourself in any water activities. There are some beaches around, but the popular ones include:

  • Playa Manuel Antonio
  • Nosara Beach
  • Playa Santa Teresa
  • Samara Beach
  • Playa Avellana
  • Tamarindo beach

In Costa Rica, there are award winning restaurants that serve the local cuisine food. Gallo Pinto, which means” spotted chicken,” is the local food and it is consist of rice and beans, which are stir-fried together to create a spotted appearance. Potatoes are also part of the starch diet and pork and meat are the commonly eaten meat. You can also get chicken and fish dishes, especially in restaurants at the coast. Popular restaurants include:

  • Doris Metropolitan
  • Sober las Olas
  • Le Monastere
  • Chimera
  • Tin Jo
  • Park café
  • Tree house

While in Costa Rica, you will never lack accommodation because there are various hotels found everywhere.  All inclusive hotels have excellent packages for their visitors, and the price will range according to the seasons. As you make your bookings, the hotel will be able to offer the appropriate price, and also you can get a discount on certain things. Popular all-inclusive hotels are:

  • Hotel Riu Palace Costa Rica
  • Doubletree Resort by Hilton
  • Ylang Ylang Beach Resort
  • Hotel Riu Guanacaste
  • Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa
  • Allegro Papagayo
  • Occidental Grand Papagayo by Barcelo

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