Why Jamaica Is The Best Destination For Holidays


Why Jamaica Is The Best Destination For Holidays

Jamaica is a Caribbean Island country that is famed for its beautiful reef-lined beaches, mountains, and rainforests. It is also home to reggae music and the Bob Marley Museum.  The various races and culture have affected the language spoken in Jamaica, but the common language is English. However, they have a dialect that is formed by the amalgamation of words from different languages and English. This is known as Jamaican Patios or Creole, and it is widely spoken in Jamaica. Kingston is the largest and the capital city of Jamaica, and it is located on the southeastern coast of the Island.

The weather in Jamaica is vacation friendly as there are a warm tropical sun and a few chances of rainfall. The average temperature in Jamaica is between 80 °F and 90 °F (27 °FCelsius-29 °Celsius). The hottest months are during summer i.e. July and August (29 °C) and the winter months are December to February (25°C). They, however, have a hurricane season, which starts from June to November, but the Island has been hit by just a few of them.

Jamaica has a problem with crime, especially the Kingston area, but it doesn’t have a significant impact on the tourists. The biggest problem is petty thieving of cash, jewelry, cell phones or even iPods, that occur, but visitors in Jamaica are encouraged to take care of their belongings and even not to carry a lot of cash. As a tourist, it is best to avoid Kingston and Montego Bay.

Because it is advisable not to carry much cash, you can always take your credit or debit card to shop in large shop and pay at the hotel. Small shop accepts cash. Jamaica uses the Jamaican Dollar (JMD) as their currency, and most will not accept any other currency. You can exchange your money in any of the banks, hotels or even cambios around and the exchange rates are as follows:

1 JMD=0. 0080USD

1 JMD=0. 010CAD

1 JMD=0. 0071EURO

1 JMD=0. 0057POUND

Some of the favorite places you can enjoy visiting include:

Booby Cay Island- they serve fresh lobster over cracking fire

Frenchman’s Cove- enjoys swimming and feel like natural aqua therapy.

Half moon- a rock resort where you get enjoy Fern Tree Signature Massage

Lime tree farm- has four guest houses here you can enjoy yoga and a Jamaican cuisine made by a local chef.

Soldier camp bar & grill- get to feast on crayfish cooked over coal-fired flames.

You can also enjoy the sun at Jamaica’s best beaches  which are:

  • Cornwall beach
  • Silver sands
  • Mammee bay beach
  • Boston bay beach
  • Frenchman’s cove
  • Winnifred beach

When planning to come to Jamaica, it is best to make your booking much earlier, and it is best to look out for hotels that offer discounts and other lovely packages. Some of the top all- inclusive hotels are:

  • Tensing Pen Resort
  • Moon San Villa
  • Rock house Hotel
  • Moon Dance Cliffs
  • Beach House Villas

You can plan to eat at your hotel or at the favorite restaurants In Jamaica which are:

  • Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio
  • Murphy’s West End Restaurant
  • Just Natural
  • Toscanini Restaurant
  • Ivan’s Bar & Restaurant At Catcha Falling Star Hotel

These hotels serve Jamaica’s local cuisine, which includes fried dumplings, curry goat, salt fish and even the national dish which is fried plantain, steamed cabbage and rice and peas.







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