Paris, France


Why Paris Is The Best Destination For Holidays

Paris is the capital city of France, and it is located in the North of France on River Seine. It has a reputation for being the most romantic and beautiful city with a historical association, food, culture, art, fashion and design. The official language in Paris is French, but you can get a small percentage of people speaking English, German, and Celtic languages.

Paris being a city that has tourists all year round, it is the safest metropolitan area in Europe. The centers were most tourists visit are well guarded both day and night. However, you are advised to keep your valuable things safely so as to avoid being stolen. Some places in Paris such as the north are considered not safe, so you could ask for safety measures before visiting an area.

July is the hottest month in Paris with the average temperature being 20°C (68°F)  with the sun shining 10 hours a day. The coldest month is January t 5°C (41°F) the best time to visit Paris is April to June and September to November as things are easy to come by. Most Parisians escape Paris in the months of July and August because it becomes crowded with tourists.

Paris has historical sites that are a point of interest to many people who visit Paris, and some of them are:

  • The Eiffel Tower– a 19th-century landmark tower that is 324m high.
  • The Louvre– an art museum with vast collection
  • Notre Dame de Paris– an iconic Gothic church
  • Arc de Triomphe– national monument and triumphal arch
  • Sacre Coeur– a white domed basilica on the Montmartre hill.

There are no beaches in Paris city and the closest one is a two hours train drive away, but there are a few beaches in Paris during summer known as Paris Plages. These are man-made beaches that are made on the sidewalks of the canals in Paris and are covered with sand. There are beach spots and these are:

  • Along the Seine River
  • Along the Bassin de la Villette
  • La Plage de L’Isle-Adam (the Beach of the Island of Adam)
  • Deauville

Some of the activities you could engage yourself in are rollerblade by night, pony rides, go punting, and canal cruising, belle- époque cycling, swimming and hiking.

The main food in Paris is Miriton de Boeuf, which is made from beef leftovers and the Entrecote Marchand de Vin. Their meals will consist of rice, salad or pasta as a side dish and cheese and dessert. Favorite restaurants to take your meal while in Paris include.

  • Epicure
  • Pizza Julia
  • Le Clos Y
  • Paris Picnic
  • Al Karam

There are plenty of all-inclusive hotels that you could get to book your accommodation while in Paris. Favorite hotels are:

  • Crowne Plaza Paris Republique
  • Saint Dominique Hotel
  • Etoile Park Hotel
  • Hotel Fabric

The currency in Paris is the French EURO, but credit cards are acceptable as a way of paying instead of carrying cash. But if you have cash you can exchange it as follows

  • 1EUR= 1.11USD
  • 1EUR= 1. 45CAD
  • 1EUR= 0.79POUNDS


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