Why Mexico Is The Best Destination For Holidays


Why Mexico Is The Best Destination For Holidays

If you are looking to have an adventure, then you should visit Mexico city. Mexico is a federal state that is located in North America. It borders the Pacific Ocean to the south and west, the United Sates to the North, the Caribbean Sea in the southeast and the Gulf of Mexico in the east. In July 2015, Mexico City had a population of 121,736,809 with most people being of the 0-14 years age group. The common language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish, but there are small indigenous languages such as Nahuti, Mayan, and other regional languages.

Due to the enormous number of tourists visiting Mexico each year, the government has put up adequate resources to protect visitors in major tourist destinations. Drug-related violence and crimes are usually unheard of because they are often curbed at the borders or even on their routes. The US Department will always place travel advisories if some locations are risky to visit. The Mexican Embassy is located in 1911 Pennsylvania Avenue Northeast Washington DC

The climate varies depending on the altitude, and it mostly has pleasant summers and mild winters. It has an annual temperature average of about 18 degrees Celsius. June is the hottest month with 28°C (82°F) while January is the coldest with 23°C (73°F). July is the Best time to swim. Other activities that you can be involved in are bike tours, camping and hiking, balloon rides, biking trails, horseback riding, river rafting and tubing.

Mexico has some banks that offer its services to its citizens and the visitors who visit Mexico. You don’t have to carry cash because you can use your Master Card, Visa or American Express credit card anywhere in Mexico. Their currency is the Mexican Peso, and the exchange rate currently is as follows

1 Mexican Peso=0. 52 USD

1 Mexican Peso=0. 047 EURO

1 Mexican Peso=0. 068 Canadian Dollar

1 Mexican Peso=0. 037 Pounds.

Some of the most popular sites that you should make a point of visiting while in Mexico include:

· Chapultepec – a park with various attractions

· National Museum of Anthropology- a museum with Mayan artifacts and much more.

· Palacio de Bellas Artes- an opulent building dedicated to fine arts

· Chichen Itza- the most important archeological zone where you get to learn about the ancient Mayan culture

· Acapulco- gets to watch the cliff divers do impressive jumps into the ocean.

· Cozumel- enjoy scuba diving and snorkeling.

There are various beaches in Mexico, which you can go and relax or even have your walks. Some of the best beaches are:

· Playa del Carmen

· Playa Paraiso

· Playa Norte

· Akumal beach

· Playa del Amor

· Paradise beach

· Playa defines

· Balandra beach

Accommodation is all over, and the choice is yours depending on your cash. There are many all-inclusive hotels in Mexico, and the price will differ depending on the period you make your booking. Most hotels offer discounts and even have good packages if traveling in groups. Some of the all-inclusive hotels are:

· Hotel Riu Emerald Bay

· The Royal Suites Punta de Mita by Palladium

· Cozumel Palace

· Grand Palladium Vallarta Resort & Spa

· Valentin Imperial Maya

And while you enjoy your holiday in Mexico, you would love to enjoy their local cuisine. The staple foods are beans, corn and chili peppers, but you can also get dairy products, mostly cheese, meat from domesticated animals, lots of spices and herbs. Some of the highly rated restaurants that you can enjoy these are:

· Sir Winston Churchill’s

· El Cardenal Alameda

· Contramar

· El Cardenal

· Restaurante El Cardenal

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